Raliegh Durham International Airport


Dear Don,

Thank you so much for spending a day out of your busy schedule to share your knowledge and experience with us.  We have quite a challenge ahead of us and the information you provided about roll coating processes and equipment has helped us more steps toward our goal.

The team gained new insights concerning equipment related issues, material concerns and the overall process you have successfully implemented.

We are very interested in touring your facility.  Some members of my project team and our general manager would like to see your operations and learn more about the application of roll coated clear materials.  I will contact you to make arrangements that accommodate your schedule.

Dale Johnson, Finishing Engineer will be contacting you to provide any information or research he has done that can help you further improve your system.  If there is anything else we can do for you please contact me.

Kim Heibel, PMP
Wood Category Project Management
Steelcase Inc.


Rosati Specialties provides our customers the finest quality flat line finishing capabilities and services found anywhere.

Dan Nickander
Executive Vice President


Rosati Specialties has been a key partner for Horizon Millwork Manufacturing on a few projects. A perfect example was when we were in a real crunch to have several hundred panels turned around in a couple of days and Rosati was able to do this practically overnight without one mistake or flaw. His work is among the best around. Their work along with ours, has been praised by some of the most finicky customers. Rosati has offered us agreesive pricing along with short lead times and unsurpassed quality that makes him a very valuable partner and would recommend to anyone.

Matthew J. Fletcher
Horizon Millwork Manufacturing